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Cowboy by Don Seiler Donated to Crowley Museum & Nature Center

Exciting news! The family of the late artist Don Seiler donated the sculpture “Cowboy” to CMNC to be displayed in front of our museum. Today he made the move from his former home in Ona. Come out and meet Cowboy! Watch the video of his arrival to CMNC at Many thanks to Helm Vault … Continue reading Cowboy by Don Seiler Donated to Crowley Museum & Nature Center

The Tatum Rawls House

by Missy Brewer, who gratefully acknowledges Spessard Stone’s contribution of data on the life of Laura Fredonia Redd. The c.1889 Tatum-Rawls House at Crowley is one of the oldest examples of pioneer Florida architecture still standing in Sarasota County. The building is a record of southwest Florida’s rural history. The Center’s volunteers have helped restore the house … Continue reading The Tatum Rawls House

Jasper Crowley – An Introduction

Crowley, Jasper (William Jasper), 1900-1976  Jasper Crowley, grandson of pioneer settler John Crowley, donated Crowley lands to the community in 1974. Jasper was a teacher at the Old Miakka one-room Schoolhouse from 1931-1943. In those days, people lived on enough land to keep a garden and some chickens, and the children had chores to help run the farms. Jasper believed that if … Continue reading Jasper Crowley – An Introduction

Miakka or Myakka?

Which spelling is correct? The answer is not simple. Background: According to 16th century Spanish Mission reports, an indigenous hunter/gatherers tribe along the St.Johns River called themselves the Mayaca. Since they had no written language, there was no specific spelling of that name. The name “Mayaca” referred to both the principal village and the chief … Continue reading Miakka or Myakka?