CNN visits Crowley

CNN visits Crowley – The second day after Ian we were exhausted and still a bit shocked and dazed as we assessed the new reality of CMNC. We were immediately addressing any major safety issues that could harm our beloved animals. We still had no electricity, water, phones or internet. It was late afternoon when I found a few large dead eels by the tool barn that I was explaining to Mr Eric. We heard tires on the washed out driveway and to our surprise there were our devoted volunteers Mrs Mary and David Sartwell. They’d come to check on us. When they got out of their truck I could see the shock and sadness on their faces, after all, they’ve volunteered many a long hard hour on this very place. They had guests with them and after some hugs (yes, I put the dead eel down first), they said, “this is CNN, they’d like to talk to you.” There I stood, dirty, exhausted, shocked, covered, absolutely covered- in poison ivy, with ice packs wrapped around my waist on the worst of it, and they wanted an interview for the news. So, I did. They were there a long while and we showed them lots of things, not all made it into the clip but 33 stations outside of CNN Newsource picked it up. Every little bit of awareness helps our little non profit and, as clean up and repairs continue, we appreciate all who reach out to help work, donate or send kind words.

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