Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to guarantee a good outdoor experience?

Crowley does not have climate controlled facilities. We recommend that when planning your event; please consider the Florida climate. The months of November through May are the coolest and driest time of the year.

How can I guarantee privacy at my event?

Crowley is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm Saturday & Sunday. To guarantee privacy, you should plan to schedule your event after regular hours and station a member of your party at the front gate to admit your guests. A member of Crowley’s staff will remain on site during the event.

Are pets allowed on the property?

Our facility is just under 200 acres of very sensitive lands and allowing pets on trails could have a large negative impact. We also have free ranging farm animals that may be startled by pets. Small dogs in purses or carriers are allowed as long as they remain in the carrier. Horse trail riding is allowed in specified locations.

How many people can Crowley Museum & Nature Center comfortably accommodate?

The Learning Center can comfortably hold 60-80 people. Large rental tents hold up to 180 people. Approximately 125 people can be seated around the historic Tatum House for ceremonies; the exact number depends on chair placement.

Under what conditions will I incur added costs?

Everything at our Center is part of a protected wildlife sanctuary, free from human sources of litter and destruction. Crowley will permit a clean up crew from your party to return on the day following your event to complete the clean up process, if necessary. Staff hours allotted to clean up (other than bathrooms) will be calculated and charged per the agreement.

Can I come to the site before the event?

We encourage you to visit Crowley prior to the event to view the site and discuss logistics with our staff. The final cost and rental agreement can be communicated by e-mail