Great News – Grant Secured

Exciting news!!!! We are VERY happy to share an important announcement with all of you! We have received funding for the launch of Phase 1 of the boardwalk replacement project!

As many of you know, our 1/2 mile boardwalk was an aging structure´┐╝ when it sustained severe damage during Hurricane Irma. Unfortunately, the destruction and weight of the fallen trees damaged the structural integrity so severely that complete replacement became necessary. This same unfortunate fate befell the independent bridge portion over Crowley Creek, unique in that it is spring fed, full of wildlife and never dry. It is truly a sight to experience. Thanks to the guidance of Ms. Jackie Barron and the generosity of the Mosaic Florida Operations, we will be able to fully replace the independent bridge and begin demolition of the existing primary boardwalk structure.

Additionally, we will complete a painted museum exhibit view from the bird tower of the marsh and a new natural history exhibit that will work in conjunction with the boardwalk! Replacing the bridge effectively restores access to the bird tower until the rest of the boardwalk is funded and replaced (phase 2).

We are so grateful for this grant and hope that this positive step forward will help us continue to get donated funding to complete phase 2! Stay tuned! #crowleymuseumandnaturecenter #boardwalk #Mosaic #grants #nonprofit #nature #mosaicfloridaoperations