Ian Aftermath Lucky, Fortunate or Blessed

Ian aftermath… it is entirely possible to feel lucky, fortunate or blessed while still feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry and even heartbroken. The natural world and weather can be incredibly destructive, unpredictable and unforgiving at times. But, in all cases, the natural world is what makes our survival possible. It’s a beautiful and complex existence for all that share this Earth. Nature can and will heal itself, as we must, trying to learn living in harmony with it. New life will spring where old life was lost. The mighty oaks, the wildlife, the pines, all that were lost allow space for something new to begin.
All that we suffer as people reminds us that we are not above nature. We are a part of it. We can learn. We can do better. We must. That catastrophic storm was beautiful and impressive wasn’t it? As much as it was frightening it was awe inspiring. While we are grateful that the CMNC crew made it through safe and sound of body, that does not negate the difficult feelings associated with the damage we find ourselves surrounded by. This is true for our entire community. Loss is everywhere. But so is help. So are people with knowledge and skills that they’ll trade for yours. We can work together through this. We will work together through this. But allow people to feel and process their losses whatever they may be. We are mourning so many ancient trees, wounded buildings, lost wildlife and lost opportunities to teach students. We mourn having to cancel free Title 1 and special needs programs because we can not keep the students safe with the property in this condition. Some of these students won’t get a field trip at all if not for CMNC. We are, yet again, having to cancel our Starry Night fundraiser and a free public bioblitz. But, we are safe, our animals are safe. What’s broken can be mended and time will help heal. Beautiful things are already happening, the eagles are circling again after losing their nest and tree, but they are ok. Ms Linda showed up to feed animals and collect palm fronds to burn. The Sartwells showed up to check the place out and brought CNN. Eric & Dixie have worked tirelessly to secure the animals and be sure that they are safe. We are taking inventory and making plans. While we will be closed to the public until we are sure it’s safe, an idea is beginning to take shape for recovery. I think I’ll start the process by clearing the buildings, addressing and fixing the damage to the historical resources. Then, clearing and preparing for school programs will start, after all, what is CMNC without happy learning children? Fences will be cleared and repaired as will trails and displays. We will all be ok. Where the oak fell we’ll plant an acorn. Where the pine fell will be more pasture for happy cattle. Where wildlife perished, rescued and rehabilitated wildlife will be released. Where there was death there will be the fertilizer of life. Take care of each other. Be smart and be safe. If we can help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
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