Crowley Welcomes New Cracker Cows to the Herd

This weekend we went to Webster Florida for the annual cracker cows/cattle sale. Once a year you can add registered animals of this rare heritage breed to your herd from many excellent farms and ranches. Please help us welcome our 2 newest ladies, they are the darker ones in the center of this photo. On the left is our cracker herd bull, “Crowley” he is loudly talking about and drooling over these 2 beautiful gals he just met. Center left, welcome Mabel, she is a 4 year old pregnant cracker cow originally from the Paynes Prairie herd. She was very spicy after the sale but has settled and seems more shy and contemplative today. Middle right is Florence. She is a heifer born 1-6-22 coming from the Tallahassee herd belonging to the Florida Department of Agriculture. She was fired up leaving the sale last night but is only shy today. Far right is our sweet and most talkative steer Timothy, who has been with us for several years. We are excited to welcome these 2 new gals and have them become part of our education team and heritage breed cracker cattle herd. After all shouldn’t a non-profit that teaches Florida’s history have a herd of cattle that are the reason Florida became what it is today? For anyone wondering, they were quarantined, but somemoo released them and they joined forces. Not going to mention moo would have done such a thing…. 😉🐂
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