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Felted Soap

We’ll wrap colored, wool roving around bars of soap and use an old -fashioned washboard and hot soapy water to felt a washcloth around the soap.

Kids Nature Mobile

We’ll collect fallen leaves, twigs, pine cones and feathers from the coop and use other craft items to create a unique nature mobile to hang in your room.

Tie On Quilting

Our experienced quilting instructor will show you how to assemble a small, 4 block, tie-off quilt in one 2 hour class

Needle Felting

Join us for this class to learn how to create felted scenes using specialty needles that bind wool fibers together.

Natural Plant Dyeing

Oct. 13 11:00 am – Come and learn how to use natures colors to dye a cotton scarf. We’ll use dyes made from fruits and spices to bring nature’s beauties around your neck!