Why Support Crowley

Crowley Museum and Nature Center is a 190-acre farmstead established in 1878. Site includes rare Florida habitat, pioneer buildings, and heritage farm animals. For 40 years Crowley has provided children’s programming that explores pioneer history, develops self-reliance, creates a connection to nature, and imparts practical skills for living like wilderness survival and farming in a real world setting. Our members provide support for our quality programming. To become a member please visit (Membership Page) thank you.


To be the best steward of southwest Florida natural and cultural history.

Our Mission:

To facilitate the enjoyment and understanding of Southwest Florida nature and history, to foster responsible stewardship, and to promote environmental awareness.

Our Core Values:

Environmental stewardship, conservation, and preservation
Cultural heritage preservation
Furtherance of sustainable agriculture practices
Service to our community
Service with integrity and honesty
Education through experiential learning
Synergistic opportunities with other organizations