Pictures From Groundbreaking For CMNC

Pictures from groundbreaking for CMNC! Can you guess who the super cool dude in the pink pants and shades is? No?
Pictures from ground breaking for CMNC Pictures from ground breaking for CMNC
It’s a director on our board! Mr Dean Crowley! Showing up in style, Dean has clearly been a part of CMNC since inception. We are grateful for your service and institutional memory Sir! Dean and his family still live right next door to CMNC.
On behalf of current staff and volunteers, we humbly request that you show up to the next fundraiser in an equally awesome pink pair of pants.
Learn more about the Founder of Crowley Museum and Nature Center
Jasper Crowley, grandson of pioneer settler John Crowley, donated Crowley lands to the community in 1974.