Welcome to the Crowley Museum & Nature Center

Moo Additions to the Crowley Cracker Cow Herd!

Please help us welcome, Ruby, Scarlett, Pearl, Loretta & Spooky! These beautiful registered cracker gals were generously donated to the Crowley Cracker herd by Duke Kaylor and Pelican Property Inspections. […]
South Over Myakka

A beautiful sky facing south over the Myakka River from the bridge. The land on the left belongs to Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, straight ahead is Myakka River State Park […]
Pictures From Groundbreaking For CMNC

Pictures from groundbreaking for CMNC! Can you guess who the super cool dude in the pink pants and shades is? No? It’s a director on our board! Mr Dean Crowley! […]
Wildlife Wednesday Ovenbird and Conservation

Wildlife Wednesday Ovenbird and Conservation Today’s installment of Wildlife Wednesday is a bit different than others. Today I present to you, with sorrow, an ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla). This individual is […]
Protecting Our Local Watershed

Is it very important to us that we continue Protecting Our Local Watershed. Right up until Hurricane Idalia, we were able to graze our cattle on the marsh pasture, this […]
Hurricane Ian Cleanup Continues

We are often asked just how long we anticipate it taking us to ”clean up” after Hurricane Ian that hit us directly at the end of last September. The short […]
Myakka Farmland Disappearing

A beautiful rural sunrise over Myakka farmland that is under construction. Once these areas are developed, there is no going back. The landscape and the environment and animals' health are […]
A peek into the past – Jasper Crowley

We hope you enjoy this peek into the past: This photograph was shared my Mr Spicer Blount with the following description. “Late 1960's when Jasper lived across from Rawls rd. […]
Welcome Lucille!

We are very excited to welcome Lucille to CMNC! Please join us in welcoming Lucille, a brand new Kubota M6060HD with a hydronic grappler, bucket and pallet forks. She was […]
Getting Ready for Earth Day at Crowley

Getting ready for Earth Day at Crowley! Please share an environmentally conscious action that you take that is unique! We are always looking to share ideas on how to be […]
Welcome Our New Addition Cypress

Please help us welcome CMNC’s newest arrival! First spotted on March 23rd and thus named by 5 year old Archer Resnick, “Cypress” is a Watusi bull calf who is just […]
Donations are always appreciated!

We would like to thank our neighbors in Old Miakka, the Semirnecs, for donating these useful supplies! Their children showed pigs for the fair and since that chapter has closed […]
Sentient Beings Deserve Our Respect Also

Sentient Beings Deserve Our Respect Also - In today’s installment of Wildlife Wednesday I’m going to ask you for a favor. One of consideration. It will require thought and effort […]
Felling the Buffalo Woman Tree

Today in the high winds I noticed the Buffalo Woman tree seemed to be leaning more. The fall line potentially included the goat fencing and potentially the goats themselves. Once […]