Hurricane Ian Cleanup Continues

We are often asked just how long we anticipate it taking us to ”clean up” after Hurricane Ian that hit us directly at the end of last September. The short answer is “years.”
Because it’s not so easy to just clean up 191 acres. We leave fallen and dead trees where it’s safe and makes habitat, but we also have to protect visitors, school groups and animals. But there were not only trees fully dropped but those that were snagged or injured. These come down over varying times and factors.
Accessibility to remote trails, boardwalk, remote fences, and in areas that hold water are also issues. Most of this work is done with equipment gained through grants and the work of wonderful volunteers.
Hurricane Ian Cleanup Continues
Here you see 1 of 4 piles of the last few weeks work. These must be burned and watched one at a time. Here, Donald Anderson monitors fire and puts out a flaming dry cow patty with Dixie, before going to work on the old schoolhouse, his most recent project.
As you all know it’s been so terribly hot recently, which slows all ability to do heavy and hard work like clearing, considerably. So, we ask for your continued patience. We have come so far, though there’s still a lot further to go.
Ian was an amazing, huge and powerful storm. Slow moving and dumping tons of rain, what excessive water didn’t damage, wind did. Nature has an amazing way of repairing itself, and we are working to make it all accessible for you.
If you are interested in volunteering, we have jobs for everybody and ability, some even include air conditioning. Please send us a message on Facebook or leave a message on our answering machine.
If you’d like to support our efforts financially and have your donation doubled at no cost to you, please go here.