Sustainable Agriculture

Cracker Cattle

Promoting rearing of Florida heritage breeds is part of the mission of the sustainable agriculture program at Crowley. Heritage breeds, like those who were brought to Florida from other subtropical climates and have evolved over generations to thrive in spite of heat, humidity, and mosquitoes and are resistant to pests and diseases are sustainable livestock rearing choices.

Crowley is proud to have a herd of yearling certified heritage cattle from the herd of Mr. Glynne Owen and managed by our sustainable cattle program director, Jeff Scarbrough. Jeff brings over 35 years of cattle management and organic gardening experience.

Biodiverse Vegetable Gardening

Our biodiverse vegetable garden is maintained by staff and volunteers with guidance from our land manager and local rancher Jeff Scarborough. Potatoes, lettuces, beans, squash, herbs, and more will make a beautiful addition as the kitchen garden behind the historic Tatum house.

Biodiverse gardening involves cultivating native plants and also supports pollinating birds and insects. By creating gorgeous habitat gardens, along with our vegetables and herbs, we can improve the lot of a large number of plants and animals.

These horticultural creations enable species to form the mutually beneficial relationships with other plants and animals that allow them to prosper and reproduce, adding over time to native biodiversity.

Placing plants in random order as opposed to rows and planting closely together helps to squeeze out weeds and fools pests. Hot wire is placed around the top of the garden and along the bottom of the fence to keep out deer.

Chicken Coop

The Peace Volunteer Center of Tampa University partnered with Riley “Robinhood" Winans to create a chicken coop out of recycled materials they found onsite. Currently it houses a flock of Guinea Hens and a rooster and a nearby mobile coop houses our farm quail