South Over Myakka

South over Myakka

A beautiful sky facing south over the Myakka River from the bridge. The land on the left belongs to Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, straight ahead is Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida and on the right is the back of Hidden River. On the north side of the bridge there were a TON of alligators of all different sizes. CMNC is on the west side and Triangle Ranch is on the east & north. Most of the view from the Myakka bridge is conserved land, part of an important corridor of thousands of acres known as the Myakka Island. Conservation is so important in this era of rapid and often poorly planned development. Wildlife & water need places to be natural. Places to be free of the ever growing human impact. We complain of the traffic issues, loss of views, loss of “country” way of life as the development encroaches. But it’s so much bigger than that. So much more problematic overall. We, and our troubles are just a single lifetime of a single species. Our impact can be so much more significant. Significantly worse OR better. There’s a chance to do better. Conserve land. If you have questions we are happy to direct you.

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