Clean Up Continues

Every day clean up continues.
The professional crews that we paid to do the critical trees are gone. The faithful Crowley volunteer crew remains, we are deeply grateful for them. Some of these beautiful trees were ancient and massive. We loved all of them, so we will save what we can to make new creations and repairs using our own sawmill. Some debris that is in the woods will be left there for habitat and to naturally decay. The rest will be burned. Every day and on every trail it seems that you can only walk 20 feet or even less and there lies another massive tree to be cleared.
Time will heal all of these wounds so please bare with us. We want to be open again too but we are not sure yet when that will be. Miles of trails and fencing are still yet to be cleared and cleaned up. We are always in need of volunteers to help with tasks. Please let us know if you are interested.
If you would like to contribute financially to our recovery AND have your donation from $5-$500 doubled at no cost to you please go here-