Meet Our New Calves!

New Calves – Sometimes, babies are born on CMNC. We only purposely allow the cattle to breed to preserve the crackers, but sometimes rescues come to us pregnant. Little babies are always such a joy to see and share but this one is so incredibly special that it’s taken days to figure out a proper announcement. Please welcome baby Scarlet, heifer calf of our amazing miracle, Red.

Red and Scarlet

Our sweet Red who, in her lean self, hid a miracle. Red is 5 this year and never had a calf so we were assuming she may be unable. A few days before Chris Lepew found her fresh and new in the pasture, I suspected something but hoped it was estrous, though I knew better. Everyone thought I was nuts, but I know this girl…. and my suspicions proved true. A beautiful deep red baby girl from our candy loving sweetheart who led the herd to safety before the catastrophe of Hurricane Ian.

Red and Scarlet

Red & Scarlet are now at the Welcome Center so that we can keep her in hay and cookies to help put some weight on. This tiny miracle is sassy, curious and sweet just like her mom. She frequently binkies all around her paddock and makes everyone smile. You can meet her at our grand reopening.

A special thank you to Dr Jack Landess for helping save Red’s life all those years ago when 2 other vets could not. Without him we’d have no cattle because without Red, all would have been lost in Ian. We are so grateful for everything every time we look at this little face. Red says she’ll gladly accept any moo snacks that anyone wants to send to congratulate her on her major miracle.

Mabel and calf      Mabel and calf

We are excited to announce the birth of a brand new cracker calf to our herd! Born to our newly added and very shy Mabel, we have not been able to get close yet. For obvious reasons she keeps taking it to her favorite secret spots.

Ms Dixie & Mr Xavier first found it late at night in the marsh and Mama let us know that we need not come any closer. We are unsure if it is a bull or heifer calf yet, but we think it may be a bull. Once we know and can get closer we will let everyone know. Help us welcome this tiny baby and any name suggestions are encouraged!

Mabel and calf on game cam

Its a cow! It’s a calf! It’s a….. what the HECK is the thing on the left?! But good news! Mabel Houdini and her calf were caught on camera with their interesting friend. We think we know but what do you think the guest on the left is?

ANSWER- as fun as it was to guess, it IS a cow. Her head is down and her front legs are close together giving the illusion of 2 thick legs. Her ear rage can be seen reflecting on her right ear.

Update February 7, 2023

Willard - Bull Calf

Please help us welcome a big and beautiful bull calf to the CMNC herd! Introducing Willard, named in loving memory of our volunteer David Brasgalla’s father, a life long living history buff and rendezvouser who passed away recently. Willard is the son of our sweet and sour girl, Edina. She’s an excellent mom! This is her second calf, Jack was her first. He already loves to play and has a big personality. He will be available to a loving home after he is weaned! We anticipate some change in his color, we can’t wait to watch him grow!
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