Miccosukee Village at CMNC Groundbreaking

The first chickee in our historic Miccosukee village replica was built today by Huggins & Osceola Enterprises. A private donor requested a Miccosukee saying instead of a sign in honor of their donation. This chickee is named; Che-hun-tamo which is a traditional greeting in Elaponke, the language of the Miccosukee. As was custom, this chickee, the cooking chickee, was built first. It is a 10×14’ heart of cypress and sabal palm structure. Construction was fascinating to watch. The building crew and their boss, Michael Osceola, were extremely professional and efficient. They are also extremely strong and coordinated. Seeing men lift those heart of cypress poles completely alone was amazing. We are so happy with the beautiful work they did. To our private donor- thank you, we are so very grateful.

If you are interested in sponsoring our next chickees, please contact us!

Tax credit paperwork and naming opportunities are available.