Welcome Our New Addition Cypress


Please help us welcome CMNC’s newest arrival! First spotted on March 23rd and thus named by 5 year old Archer Resnick, “Cypress” is a Watusi bull calf who is just as beautiful as his matriarch mother, Gypsy. Once weaned he…

Donations are always appreciated!

Fencing donation

We would like to thank our neighbors in Old Miakka, the Semirnecs, for donating these useful supplies! Their children showed pigs for the fair and since that chapter has closed and their children are grown, they decided to donate their…

Felling the Buffalo Woman Tree

Felling the Buffalo Woman Tree

Today in the high winds I noticed the Buffalo Woman tree seemed to be leaning more. The fall line potentially included the goat fencing and potentially the goats themselves. Once I notice something like this, I can not abide it.…

Meet Our New Calves!

Red and Scarlet

New Calves – Sometimes, babies are born on CMNC. We only purposely allow the cattle to breed to preserve the crackers, but sometimes rescues come to us pregnant. Little babies are always such a joy to see and share but…

Feast Upon the Fields

Crowley Museum and Nature Center Events

Recently we hosted Feast Upon The Fields, a fundraiser for the Conservation Foundation Of The Gulfcoast. They were instrumental in our protecting CMNC with a conservation easement that assures that all 191.05 acres will be conserved forever. It was a…

Ol Bessie She’s a John Deere 5310

Tractor and Tree Cookies

You know who doesn’t get enough recognition? Ol Bessie. She’s a John Deere 5310 with some age related ailments and a little fern growing in her worn lemon yellow seat. This gal really works her heart out. Though she’s constantly…